I'm a 57 year old Multi-Media Artist living in Colfax California (Click here for my "Colfax in Winter" video).

An experienced drone pilot, I am the founder and director of SWARM  (Search With Aerial RC Multi-Rotor). SWARM is a global network of over 1600 volunteer drone pilots, all dedicated to finding missing persons around the world at no cost to the families. Experienced Drone pilots can apply to join our network by joining our online Facebook forum, here. Check out our website at www.sardrones.org

In 2011 I made it into the Guinness Book of Worlds Records for creating the "Worlds Largest Clock" (1.25 miles) in 2011 at the Burning Man Festival of which I have attended since 1998.

Among my many other Adventures and accomplishments, I also host a popular YouTube Channel called "DEMUNSeed", with over 6000 subscribers worldwide. (Subscribe to win GREAT prizes that I give away to random subscribers EVERY Month!)

In December I'll be promoting the "12 Drones of Christmas" - You could win a $1500 DJI Phantom2 Vision+ Drone!

Order Demunseed "Mod Kit"

Hand crafted right here in the USA, our DJI Phantom Mod Kit is very popular. 

"Skids" - Prevent "tip overs"

"Risers" - Lift your camera off the ground.

"Shelf Unit" - Install FPV or OSD on the "shelf"!

"Caution Flag" - Add to your Camera Shroud

Cost: $20 each or $40 for any 3 items.

Shipping: $6 USA - $12 International

 CLICK HERE for more details!

Phantom Tech Support

With several years of experience designing, building and buying UAV and multirotor drones, including all of the DJI Phantom consumer series,  I now offer "consultation" for Novice Drone Pilots.

For one flat fee, you'll get online and direct phone tech support! I'll answer all of your questions and help YOU to get into the air affordably and safely. 

You can ALSO opt for the 10 class online INTROdrone Instructional course. You'll learn EVERYTHING from buying, building, flying, the law, advanced videography and even creating your own YouTube channel!  Click Here for details. 

Jim Bowers Fine Art

As a full time Multi-Media artist, my artistic "obsessions" have taken me to explore ALL forms of painting, sculpture, photography, and large Scale Public Murals. My canvas paintings are available for sale and you can also buy everything from fine art prints, greeting cards and even cell phone cases with my original art. 

Click Here to check out my art online. 

You can order prints there or email me directly if your interested in one of my original paintings. 

"In Living we search for the Answer, when in the End the answer was Living"

Jim Bowers 2011